Back in 1999, Dublin busker Paddy Casey seemed poised to become a huge star. With a major label deal, a double-platinum selling debut album and management from U2 svengali Paul McGuinness, the tousle-haired folkie had it all - but then followed four years of virtual silence, during which time his thunder was stolen by the likes of Damian Rice and Gemma Hayes. Now, however, Casey is firmly back in the game with the release of his second album Living (the title is a pithy rejoinder to the question of what he's been doing with his time). A far more sophisticated and mature affair than his debut, it adds a welcome new electronic dimension to his traditional folk tunes - and is let down only by the lyrics, which strive hard for meaning but end up sounding vague and inconsequential. So, like a certain rail company, Paddy Casey may not be there yet - but he's certainly getting there.