After decades of playing the poor relations to their American cousins, it seems that British rappers are finally beginning to find their voice. The success of The Streets and Ms Dynamite have given the whole scene a badly-needed shot in the arm and this new air of brash self-confidence is reflected in the second album from teenage duo Oxide and Neutrino, an increasingly successful offshoot from the notorious garage outfit So Solid Crew. 2 Stepz Ahead is a record that lives up to its title, even if it's neither particularly original nor a huge leap forward from their debut Execute. Oxide's grooves are still largely made up of skeletal electro beats and sinister synths, while Neutrino's raps are the same old mix of ladykiller boasting, gang threats and the kind of druggy paranoia you can find on any American gangsta record. But the lyrics are undeniably funny, the delivery is fluid and overall it's hard to dislike a band that can be loved by everyone from Suede's Brett Anderson to the Duchess of York. Hard to believe, but suddenly UK hip-hop no longer sounds like a contradiction in terms.