It's that time of the year again, where we can blame Halloween for making an eejit out of ourselves all in the name of good, clean, spooky fun. We've decided to make our list of the scariest songs out there, so you can add them to your Spotidy playlist in time for the weekend. 

With our song picks from our favourite TV shows coming later in the week, we're going to start off with the best of the creepiest songs coming from the movies. So, strap yourselves in for a walk down spooky lane - things are about to get terrifying...


'A Nightmare on Elm Street'
We'll never forget that Johnny Depp scene, no matter how much we try.

'28 Days Later'
Who'd have thought that a piano melody could give you such a deep sense of terror.

'The Ring'
A little known fact about this movie is that it put the nail on the coffin of the VHS.

'A Nightmare Before Christmas'
A Disney classic that'll spark up any Halloween party.

'Resident Evil'
The movie based on the video game of the same name has a decent stab at a memorable soundtrack.

Too iconic to not have on your playlist.

'The Nun'
Mixing horror and religion never sounded so scary.

Not as terrifying as we remember, but maybe because we're not little children anymore.

A modern soundtrack that still has us remembering that bloody first movie.

'A Clockwork Orange'
Whatever your verdict on the Stanley Kubrick movie, the soundtrack is decent.

If you're looking for random scary sound effects, then look no further.

'Friday The 13th'
This iconic theme will be sure to put everyone on edge.

'The Shining'
Reminisce about one of the scariest movies ever made.

A little bit light-hearted, the main theme will be a nice change for your chilling playlist.

'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'
One of the most memorable scenes from the movies, as Harry enters the maze searching for the Triwizard Cup.

'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'
Taken from one of the darkest of the movies, you can get your party to singalong.

We're always sure to lock to door to every bathroom we enter, thanks to this movie.

'Dawn of the Dead'
The 1970's never sounded so creepy.

'The Exorcist'
Because it would be rude not to.

'The Conjuring'
We apologise for the sheer terror this might bring to you.

Will the 2018 remake have a patch on the original?

Arguably the most iconic theme around, it's sure to be a hit at every party this year.