Tune-Yards (Body&Soul, Friday, Midnight)

Tune-Yards are the sort of band that defy description, other than to say that their performance on the Body & Soul stage at midnight on Friday set the bar VERY high for the rest of the festival. Merrill Garbus and her band have been frequent visitors to these shores over the years but now with the outstanding new album Nikki Nack in their repertoire and the best live show of the festival, it clear that no one who was there will be forgetting this show in a while.

White Denim (Cosby Stage, Saturday, 8pm)

As far as sheer musicianship goes few bands at Electric Picnic could hold a candle to what Texan rock outfit White Denim offered the crowd at the Cosby Stage on Saturday evening. Anyone who was at their sold-out show in Whelan's a few months ago will testify as to their live prowess but, like we said in our review, their set on Saturday was absolutely mind blowing.

Beck (Main Stage, Sunday, 8.30pm)

Beck Hansen hasn't played Ireland in about ten years so anticipation was VERY high for last night's co-main event on the main stage and we're happy to report that it didn't disappoint. Armed to the teeth with a massive array of hits pulled from his twelve albums to date, Beck knew exactly how to work the crowd into palm of his hand and showed that, more than twenty years after his breakthrough, he hasn't lost a step.

Oki's Wagon (Jimmie Lee's Juke Joint, Friday, 8pm)

Structural engineers would probably have found fault with the hastily assembled wooden shack which housed Oki's Wagon's debut Electric Picnic set on Friday evening but none of those packed inside could have any complaints about the music. The EP newcomers tore through a furious set of smoky blues and folk, fronted by the sublime voice of singer Audrey Gleeson. Expect to see these guys promoted to the Body & Soul stage next year.

Chic feat. Nile Rodgers (Main Stage, Saturday, 00.30)

Listening to Chic and Nile Rodgers is like listening to a friend's 'Best of Disco' playlist before you realise that one guy wrote all of them. The sheer amount of hits generated by Nile Rodgers over the years is astounding and all of them made an appearance, from 'Le Freak' to 'Let's Dance' to the more contemporary 'Get Lucky'. It says something about the public's fondness for Rodgers too, when the biggest cheer of the night wasn't for one of his many hits but when he announced to the crowd that he'd finally been declared cancer-free.