It's become increasingly easy to get your hands on a bit of rock memorabilia these days - providing you have the funds, of course - as more and more online auctions are appearing.

This time, a guitar belonging to Kurt Cobain, and used on Nirvana's last tour - in early 1994 - is up for auction.

The starting price is £34,000 (€43,000) and it's expected to sell for up to €120,000.

The fan who is selling it details the story on the auction website, saying that Kurt Cobain gave it to him at Nirvana's gig in Rennes, France on February 16th 1994.

"I've been doing a lot of research about this guitar," he wrote. "According to James « Jim » Vincent, Kurt's guitar tech from Dec 93 onwards, Kurt had 5 of these lefty black and white Strats, shipped by Fender specifically for the end of set jamming and destruction, as they were cheap and they were scared he would otherwise smash his new Mustangs."

You have until May 20th to place a bid. Break open the piggy bank and look down the back of the sofa, stat.