In spite of the recent rumours of a split - or perhaps to counter them - One Direction have this morning announced that they'll release a brand new concert film for their 'Where We Are' tour.

This news comes after recent rumours that a) Harry Styles might do a Robbie Williams and leave the band in search of solo fame and b) the whole lot of them might disband and mount various assaults on the charts. The timing of this is rather interesting, coming about a week or so removed from when a few of the red-tops 'broke' the story of One Direction's impending split which, as you might expect, was vehemently denied by Team 1D.

This will no doubt make their various bank managers quite happy indeed after their last movie, the Morgan Spurlock directed 'This Is Us', earned somewhere north of £40 million at the box office and it's understood that Spurlock is again involved this time around.

The flick will be in cinemas on October 11th and 12th, followed by a DVD release just in time for Christmas, and will feature live footage from their show at Milan's San Siro stadium along with extra-curricular footage of what they get up to behind the scenes while on the road.

We doubt there'll be any mentions of Louis and Zayn's alleged herbal indiscretions in Peru, mind you - by far the most interesting story to emerge from the family-friendly band's current tour.

(via Digital Spy)