I thought I'd try not mentioning "that downloadable video" but it's unavoidable. For I don't believe OK GO would have come to even a third of the population's attention if it had not been for their fluid backyard antics to one of their many perfect pop songs. If you like your music happy and your lyrics peppered with the terms "come on" and "oooh, oooh, oooh" at every available opportunity - this little ray of sunshine has been lovingly tailored for you. OK GO's second album is pop rock at its finest (superior to much a solo Brendan Benson has produced in my opinion - Kulash's sublime and chameleon like vocals certainly surpass the capabilities of the former) and it makes no apologies or claims to be anything other than that. It's unadulterated fun. What they evidently saved on their homemade video for "A Million Ways" they've pumped into the production of this well rounded, melodic, and refreshingly unpretentious offering. Even the inset has dewy eyed and moist lipped portraits of the band opposite their proudly displayed lyrics. Don't let opening track 'Invincible' deter and leave you thinking you've got an album of Weezer covers awaiting you (although there are a few - 'No Sign of Life' being another).It's pretty much uphill from the offset, with particular high points being 'Here it Goes Again', 'Oh Lately It's So Quiet', 'Television, Television', 'The House Wins', and (of course) 'A Million Ways'. In fact, I could happily prattle off several others but you grasp the picture. Put it on the stereo, when you feel low, you'll start to move, you can't help but groove, etc. Seriously though - it is pop rocktastic.