There's good news and bad news, if you're Ronan Keating this week.

The bad news first: it looks like Ireland is, well... kind of over you.

The good news: there's still a market for you in the UK.

A number of media outlets including the Irish Daily Mail and the Irish Daily Star are reporting that Keating's new album 'Time of My Life' only sold 203 copies in his come country last week, landing at number 26 in the charts. The breakdown was 145 physical copies and 58 downloads, while just four people bothered to stream it.

It fared slightly better in the UK, where it went into the charts at number four - behind Adele, David Bowie and Justin Bieber.

Keating hasn't commented on the pathetic Irish sales figures, apart from to call the Irish Daily Mail 'begrudging feck's' (sic) for reporting the figures, and laughing it off with an insincere 'ha ha'.


In any case, he's off to Australia to be a mentor on The Voice, so no doubt he has bigger fish to fry.  Then again, maybe that Westlife/Boyzone supergroup is starting to sound like a better idea by the day...