While every winsome new singer-songwriter seems to be guaranteed an avalanche of hype these days, NPB (the artists formerly known as National Prayer Breakfast) remain one of Dublin indie's best-kept secrets. Their third long-player finds the bohemian trio delving deep into the outer reaches of Americana, probably reflecting the influence of singer Patrick Freyne's other band, El Diablo. The result is an absolutely scorching collection of hazy, psychedelic country-rock tunes, packed with obscure cultural references and straightforward killer hooks. And any band that can open a song with the lines 'Don't wanna go to bed under a Communist moon. So spoke Lyndon Johnson in 1962' is surely worth more attention than the latest wannabe bedsit poet. NPB are a national treasure, but they're not the sort of band that's ever going to break your door down. You'll have to invite them in.