Noel Gallagher has said that he has some "f**king good" songs that would be suitable for his brother Liam's solo career.

While the elder Gallagher releases his second solo album 'Chasing Yesterday' later this month, Liam is at a bit of a loose end, career-wise, since his band Beady Eye split last year.

Noel told NME that he'd be happy to give his brother a dig out, though. "I'd write him a few songs," he said. "I've got a few songs lying around that he'd be good at singing. But I'm not sure what he plans to do or if he plans to do anything."

He went on to say that the songs were "Some f**king good ones, better than the lot he was singing last time for sure."

Unsurprisingly, Liam has yet to respond to his offer...