Have No Doubt really been around long enough to justify a Greatest Hits collection? The idea seems ridiculous - until you actually study the tracklisting and realise that, in their unobtrusive way, the Californian indie-ska group have racked up an impressive list of hit singles over the last decade ('Don't Speak', 'Just A Girl', 'Bathwater'). After years of speculation, however, singer Gwen Stefani is finally leaving to go solo - and listening to this pleasant but hardly earth-shattering compilation, it's easy to understand why. Her pouting voice is certainly a remarkable instrument, but all too often it's let down by her band's fairly pedestrian, meat and potatoes backing. And the choice of a Talk Talk cover ('It's My Life') as the obligatory bonus track suggests that by the end, No Doubt were struggling to come up with new material. A pretty good band - but if Stefani fulfils her true potential, then they may just have been the prelude to something really special.