The enduring power of Nick Drake is partly down to the fact that he only made three albums, each of them near-perfect. So for his estate to cobble together a fourth out of some assorted odds and ends, thirty years after his premature death, will strike many of his fans as sacrilege. Luckily, the project has been assembled with just enough taste and sensitivity to make Made To Love Magic a genuinely rewarding listen. It contains alternative versions of classics such as 'River Man' and 'Time of No Reply' plus one lost song, the appropriately ghostly 'Tow the Line' - all spruced up with new string arrangements by Drake's old orchestrator Robert Kirby. At the end we hear the sound of the troubled young man laying down his guitar, as if to underline the fact that this genuinely is the last we'll ever hear from him. Thankfully, the legend remains intact.