B.E.D. nightclub in Newry has pulled off something of a coup today after announcing that none other than Pharrell Williams will make a special appearance in their club on July 5th. 

The 'Happy' star will obviously be spending a little bit of time in Ireland after his date with Kanye West in Marlay Park on the second of July and has been lured to the County Down nightclub, likely for a tidy sum. We're not quite sure what this 'special appearance' will actually entail but we doubt it'll be much more than showing face on stage and shouting a few words at the crowd. Best case scenario would be to get former N.E.R.D. hitmaker behind the decks for a DJ set but we can only imagine what his invoice for that would look like.

It's also interesting to note that fans of B.E.D.'s Facebook page didn't actually believe the news of this when they posted it online, forcing whoever is in control of club's social media accounts to write: "As you can see we have tagged Pharrell's official Facebook and our Artwork has his Official logo (i am other)! THIS IS 100&% LEGITIMATE OR HIS LEGAL TEAM WOULD DEMAND THAT WE REMOVED IT!"

Steady on, lads. We believe you.

**UPDATE** We shouldn't have believed you! This appearance will NOT be taking place and you can read why here.