The weekend is almost upon us, and maybe you're in search of something to soundtrack it – or perhaps you're just on the hunt for some new music.

Every Friday, we'll choose three great new release songs you should hear, from both Irish and international acts, point you in the direction of the bands or artists who created them, and send you on your merry way to investigate further.

SILVERBACKS – 'Up the Nurses'

This very exciting Dublin five-piece will release their debut album 'Fad' next month, which was produced by Daniel Fox of Girl Band. Much of their material has a sharper edge than new single 'Up the Nurses, but if you're a fan of new wave acts like Blondie and early-noughties art-rock with a hint of grunge, this tune is well worth checking out.


HAIM – 'Up from a Dream'

They've teased us with various dreamy singles as far back as last summer (with the aptly-titled 'Summer Girl'), but after a slight delay, Haim's third album is finally released today. 'Women in Music Pt. III' is a cracker from start to finish, but we're loving the spiky glam-rock undercurrent of this track.



CMAT – 'Rodney'

This video actually premiered during the week, but it (and the song) are so good that we couldn't resist giving it a mention. If you loved the infuriatingly catchy debut single by this Dublin musician, its follow-up will make your heart sing. This time, there's no crying in fast food restaurants; instead, her ode to comedian Rodney Dangerfield is tangled up with the kind of grizzled melancholy evoked when your romantic feelings for someone aren't reciprocated. It's ace.