Cornell Haynes Jr (aka Nelly) may have shifted 8m copies of his debut album Country Grammar, but this hasn't made him popular with everyone. The St Louis rapper is currently engaged in a bitter feud with the bad-tempered veteran KRS-1, who accuses Nelly of betraying his roots by being more interested in sex and money than the problems of the ghetto. It's all true of course - in contrast to more fashionable agit-rappers, Nelly is an unashamed gangsta materialist and his glossy new album represents a populist two fingers to his self-righteous detractors. Above all, Nellyville is a celebration of success, its mid-tempo funk tunes and occasionally filthy hip-hop workouts concentrating firmly on the joys of high living and unadulterated hedonism. While he may be on dubious moral ground from time to time, Nelly's stylish mix of east and west-coast styles provides too many high points to complain - and he even manages to duet with both Kelly from Destiny's Child and N'Sync's Justin Timberlake without losing too much credibility. Having already knocked Eminem off the top of the US charts, he seems to have another commercial winner on his hands - and only the most humourless of cynics would begrudge it to him.