Natalie Imbruglia's pop career got off to a flying start with the smash-hit single 'Torn', still a staple of daytime radio. That was seven years ago, though, and since then she's become as famous for taking part in L'Oreal skincare ads as she has for her music. Perhaps conscious of this, the ex-Neighbours actress's third album is easily her most substantial and considered to date. Predictably, there's a slew of bright and breezy indie-pop songs that are obviously trying to repeat the 'Torn' formula. But the real heart of the record lies in its more downbeat tracks, which highlight a far greater depth in both Imbruglia's singing and her lyrics. Behind the perfect facade she emerges as the mixed-up girl next door who can't understand why guys always let her down. There's nothing particularly earth-shattering about Counting Down the Days - but it's still a solid, enjoyable album that deserves to get her career back on track.