Strange to think that just a few years ago a major record company was excitedly touting Edmund Enright as the new Bob Dylan. These days the Offaly-born singer songwriter is one of the leading lights of Dublin's independent music scene, running his own label and sounding more at ease with himself than ever before. His third album is easily his most accomplished yet, a country-tinged collection of introspective love songs that pack a hefty emotional punch. Recorded in Texas, there's a raw, organic feel to it that perfectly suits Mundy's exceptionally vivid vocal performances. Some recent setbacks in his lovelife, meanwhile, have provided a rich source of material - the lyrics here are intensely personal, mixing melancholic memories with statements of gritty defiance. It seems that the wide-eyed hippy of a few years ago has gradually become a little more cynical about life - and frankly, it's done his songwriting a power of good. The new Dylan? No, just the first Mundy - and for his fans, that'll do nicely.