It's not just Kasabian and Noel Gallagher who are dissatisfied with the BRIT Awards - Morrissey has written an essay on, denouncing the awards ceremony and awards culture in general.

Everyone from Madonna to Ant & Dec and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini are in the music icon's firing line in a post entitled 'Music awards are none of your business', a play on the title of his most recent album 'World Peace is None of Your Business'.

"The Brit Awards do not ask the public who they would like to see receive awards - for that would be to risk too much, yet the fierce insistence is that artists are rewarded for their prominence in the previous twelve months because, after all, "it's what everybody wants", he writes. "Thus, for 2015, we have MacDonna, who had a quiet 2014 (but who is quite usefully about to release her new album!), yet here she is again promoting her frightening career on the Brit Awards even though her music has not ever said anything at all about British life."

He goes on to describe how the Mercury Prize is like "a voodoo doll in the hands of the unlucky recipient (who is usually to be found selling mattresses ten months later)" and criticises the BRITs for nominating as-yet-untested newcomer artists in categories like 'Best International Male' and allowing "light entertainers" Ant & Dec to host the ceremony - "neither of whom have anything to do with music," he says, "but their presence indicates the modern hold and control that telly-culture now dominates over the world of modern music, as it reminds us how success in modern music is fully shaped by the light entertainment establishment."

Next on the list: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (get with the program me, Moz - she's married (again) now, like): "Similarly, it seems unlikely that an end-of-the-world announcement would be believed nationally unless confirmed on BBC1 by Cheryl Cole whilst conditioning her hair. In short, Britain has been encouraged to become a nation of idiots (which, of course, is what it is not)."

TL;DR - Morrissey is glad not to be nominated for a BRIT because it means that his music is still taken seriously by non-plebs.  "If we must fold our hands and be grateful as Ant & Dec applaud the Teletubbies for their 'outstanding contribution to British music'," he says, "we can at least be thankful that we are not nominated." Never change, Moz.