Tidal hasn't exactly been riding an unstoppable wave of success (see what we did there) since its launch, and they've had some more bad news this week. 

Despite Jay Z's insistence to the contrary and that Tidal is doing fine, the streaming platform looks like it might be headed into troubled waters with news that they might lose Beyoncé's music from the service. That's his wife, in case you've forgotten.

According to Bloomberg, there's an issue surrounding the rights for Beyoncé's music as Sony (her label) and a number of others including Warner are pushing Tidal for huge advances in exchange for their artists' music, and while the report suggests that the deal with Warner is close, there are still a few stumbling blocks to overcome in the one with Sony.

If they fail to get the deal done, then they would presumably lose all of their Sony artists, including Beyoncé and other stars that were at the launch such as Calvin Harris and Alicia Keys, which would obviously be a bit of a PR disaster for the company. 

At the moment, they claim to have around 900,000 subscribers, although according to The Independent, it is believed that many of them have signed up for the initial free trial period and may not stay after they're asked to start paying for the service.

Although it appears that they started with a splash, it looks like it might be more difficult to keep this venture afloat. 

Be honest, did we make too many water puns?

Via Bloomberg/The Independent