It's not much more than a year since Mis-Teeq's debut album, but in that time they've already seen their position as Britain's premier R'n'B act usurped by Ms Dynamite and the Sugababes. Never mind - the south London trio should put themselves right back in the frame with this excellent follow-up, a dynamic mixture of funky dancefloor grooves, feisty rap vocals and stunning pop choruses. It's already produced the disco hit 'Scandalous', and there should be plenty more where that came from. If there is a problem here, it's that Mis-Teeq are sometimes a bit too self-obsessed for their own good, cramming far too many of their songs with mundane lyrical catalogues of their daily activities. On the whole, though, Eye Candy is more than good enough to render its title strictly ironic - which means that a glittering future presumably awaits.