As his soap opera existence takes yet another grotesque twist, here's a timely reminder of why we all cared about Michael Jackson in the first place. Number Ones gathers together 18 of his chart-topping singles, proving once and for all that the man is, for all his undoubted weirdness, a genuine pop genius. Smash hits such as 'Bille Jean', 'Bad' and 'Smooth Criminal' contain all the classic Jackson elements - stomping basslines, glossy dancefloor grooves and, most importantly, those uniquely frenzied vocals. Sadly, he couldn't keep this level up - later tracks such as 'Black or White' and 'Earth Song' illustrate the decline all too clearly, suggesting that somewhere along the line Jackson conceded too much artistic control to big-name producers. Still, a good two-thirds of this collection is pop music at its most addictive - and if nothing else, it's the perfect antidote to all those lurid headlines about plastic surgery, baby dangling and other things too depressing to mention.