The Canadian crooner told an assembly of journalists before his recent string of live performances in Dublin's O2 recently that he gets asked to play at weddings "every single day", but getting him to actually sing for you might be easier than you think.

Buble admitted that it would be very difficult to persuade him to sing at a wedding - but that his arm could be twisted with a couple of shots of liquid courage.

"I'm asked every day, every single day [to play weddings]. Even now friends that have weddings - even if they're celebrities - and they ask me to play their wedding I saw 'no'. I say, 'just invite me, just let me be a guest' and then, of course, I'm hammered two hours in and they can't stop me from singing. So basically, get me hammered and I'll sing at your wedding."

The Vancounver native is one of the world's most in-demand stars and perhaps the first jazz singer to achieve such a level of mainstream acceptance since the whiskey-soaked days of the Rat Pack - a notion that, along with his helpless romanticism, Buble seems at peace with.

"I'm famous", he told us. "I get attention because people who are famous get attention. It's funny, because of the music I sing people like to make judgements about who I am. I don't know what happened to society - and I'm being serious - that because a guy sings about romance, it's soft and for women. For me, there's nothing soft about romance. I think a real man can be honest about that and a tough guy is someone who can admit that he's a hopeless romantic."

Michael Buble's eighth album To Be Loved was released in April of this year and is currently #1 in the Irish Album Charts.