Saucer of milk for one...

Elton John has said that his fellow Brits The Rolling Stones are 'not relevant' in a new interview.

Speaking to an unnamed US radio station, according to The Mirror, he is quoted as saying: "What I think the Rolling Stones should do is a great blues record, and go back to what they used to do – and do things like ‘Come On,’ the Chuck Berry song like they did in their early career. That is what they should do. I think Mick [Jagger] wants to still be relevant on the radio. Well, they are not. And I think Keith [Richards] would love to do a record like that. And that is what they should be doing.”

John has just released his new album 'Wonderful Crazy Night', which may explain some of his cattiness.

Meanwhile, it's been revealed that The Rolling Stones - who are currently touring in South America - are under armed guard and are travelling separately after a 55-year-old man working at their Argentinian gig in La Plata was shot dead during a botched robbery. The would-be thieves attempted to hijack a vehicle that was transporting the takings from the bar after the gig.