How's this for hardcore? Swedish metal act Watain, apparent devil-worshippers if we're to believe the online reports, caused quite of a ruckus at last night's show in Brooklyn, New York when they threw a dead pig - and all its ensuing blood and entrails - into the audience during the gig. Nice.

It's fair to say that the stunt had mixed results. On one hand you had blood-soaked metallers rejoicing in this act of rock rebellion and on the other, well, you had people apparently crying and throwing up. It turns out pig's blood can make you somewhat nauseous. Who knew?

Vice's music arm Noisey were at the show and this is what they had to say:

Sh*t started to get weird around the time Watain frontman Erik Danielsson brought out this (I assume) Satanic talisman thingy, which from my vantage point looked kind of like a human skull with ram horns jammed into it, held it aloft, then waved it around like he was casting a spell onto the crowd.

That’s around the time people started leaving the mosh pit with blood on them. Shortly after that, it started to smell ungodly, like human flesh was actively putrefying in the room. And that, believe it or not, was when people started throwing up.

It’s probably not a coincidence that this is when people started getting really into the show. People, mainly already-creepy biker and crust dudes, started stumbling around the venue as if they were under a spell, possessed by the unholy, or at least the overwhelming, cacophonic symphony of the crushing live show. Even a cursory look into Watain reveals they’re active Satanists, and in interviews they frequently refer to their live shows as “rituals,” as in “church for people who people who worship the devil.” Which begs the question—had Watain actually managed to hypnotize some of the audience?

It all sounds like a nice bit of good, clean fun doesn't it?