You may not be familiar with the name Martina Topley-Bird, but chances are you've heard her voice: she provided the darkly sensual vocals on one of the seminal records of the 1990s, Tricky's trip-hop masterpiece Maxinquaye. Back then, she seemed destined to become a major star - but for some reason, it's taken eight years for her to get around to writing some songs of her own. Thankfully, it's been worth the wait, since Quixotic is one of the most intriguing albums we're likely to hear all year. A mesmerising tapestry of eerie moods and dusky textures, it covers all bases from gospel blues to brooding electronica while still managing to sound utterly cohesive. And though some prestigious guest musicians provide valuable contributions (including David Holmes, David Arnold and of course Tricky himself), none of them overshadows the magnetic presence of Topley-Bird herself. Sounding a little like Billie Holiday with a techno sheen, her voice is still a magnificent instrument - sensual, tortured and utterly hypnotic. Stardom beckons once again, then - provided, of course, she can manage to produce a follow-up before 2011.