When critics complain about wimpy young Irish singer-songwriters, it's people like Mark Geary they have in mind. The introverted Dubliner is clearly a deep character, specialising in relentlessly downbeat songs about loss, melancholy and the inevitability of failure. It's not exactly radio-friendly stuff, and Geary's low-key personality is a bit of a problem - he's quieter than Paddy Casey and less romantic than Damien Rice. Listen closely, however, and there's just enough twisted guitar lines and arresting lyrics to make the album worth sticking with. Recorded with the aid of Frames stalwarts Dave and Karl Odlum, the rootsy production also has an upbeat quality that reminds you that Geary learned his trade playing in the noisy bars of New York. Overall, a well-crafted and enjoyable album - but next time, it would be nice to hear him cut loose a bit more.