Watching Pop Idol or any of its countless spin-offs, you get the feeling that half the world's teenage girls want to sound just like Mariah Carey. Listening to her new album, you can only wonder why. Sure, the self-obsessed diva has a fine pair of lungs on her - but her overblown, over-hyped records are as soulful as a Monday evening trip to the supermarket. Although the Mimi of the title is apparently Mariah herself, it's the listener who'll be struggling for emancipation before long. There's a distinctly urban feel to the proceedings here, with electro-beats, samples and the ubiquitous Neptunes on production duties. But Carey's squealing vocals are so devoid of charm, it's hard to see how any amount of packaging could make her any more likeable. What a pity that Simon Cowell didn't get to her in time.