LPX, or Leigh O'Gorman to the taxman, is one of those musicians who steadily plug away at their craft over a number of years, not really knowing - and perhaps not really caring - whether anyone is actually paying attention to them. The ambient-electro purveyor (a Kildare native, currently based in the UK) has been a fixture on the Dublin scene since before his debut release Easy Music For Difficult Ears in 2006, and considering his lack of mainstream success, one imagines that his career is fuelled solely by a love of creating soundscapes. It's something he does adeptly, too, if his latest EP Seventeen is anything to go by; a collection of five inventive and agile instrumental tracks spanning 25 minutes, O'Gorman scores a coup with the sinister Jake's Lament, the demonically-possessed-Lemon Jelly-style bitterness of Now Put Your Feet Up and Relax.., and the twinkling, informal shuffle of Dementia In Space and Time. Though it's occasionally a tad sharp on the eardrums, Seventeen showcases an artist who may not be completely groundbreaking in his approach, but who is making music that's an unmitigated pleasure to partake in.