New Doncaster Rovers owner and Peruvian herbal enthusiast Louis Tomlinson (he of One Direction fame, don't you know) has begun raising money for his new football club with a series of fundraising ideas- including selling selfies to fans for €315.

The 22-year-old lifelong Doncaster fan was unveiled last week as the new owner of the English League One side alongside John Ryan, a cosmetic surgery tycoon, and the duo are hoping to raise somewhere in the region of €2.5 million with a series of new crowdfunding ventures. To put that into perspective, that is around 11,625 selfies that Tomlinson will have to take with adoring fans. Seems doable.

As well as the selfie idea, Tomlinson and Doncaster also hope to raise money by selling the chance to appear in the official Doncaster Rovers squad photos (€630), while €12,500 will gain you access to a celebrity five-a-side tournament alongside the One Direction singer.

Tomlinson has also admitted to The Sun that he'll have to grow up a lot now that he's co-owner of his favourite football team.

"I have to mature a little bit", he said. "This is life-changing for me. I'm going to have to start acting dead serious. I can't be a big kid anymore, or play pranks."

It's an intriguing move for Doncaster Rovers and not the first time a musician has bought into a club, following Elton John and Watford. Tomlinson is one of the biggest pop stars on earth and we assume they're hoping that his profile will help generate some extra capital for the club and propel themselves towards the premiership on the back of his fame.

It sure is a lot of selfies, though.