Dedicated White Stripes fans will know that the band have long been fans of Loretta Lynn, the country and western icon best known for her autobiographical hit 'Coal Miner's Daughter'. Now Jack White has paid the Tennessee lady the ultimate tribute of producing her latest album, estimated to be her 70th - one for every year she's spent on the planet. As you might expect, this involves beefing up Lynn's sound with some martial blues and hard-rocking slide guitar. Just as importantly, however, White has persuaded her to write all her own material for the very first time - and the results will surprise anyone who thinks of country music as bland or sentimental. Lynn is a kitchen-sink feminist who's not prepared to stand by her man, and her feisty songs are full of put-downs to inadequate lovers and offers of a punch in the mouth to rivals. On the excellent 'Portland Oregon', meanwhile, the grandmother of 29 performs a sleazy duet with White himself and manages to sound much the sexier of the two. One of the year's most unexpected pleasures - and a triumph for all concerned.