A new compilation featuring Elvis Presley's voice paired with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be released later this year.

Posthumous releases are nothing new, but this one has the approval of The King's widow, Priscilla Presley - who told Rolling Stone that 'If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' is "the album I think he always would have wanted to do."

"The label would have never allowed him to have an orchestra," she said. "And if it was up to Colonel Parker, he would have had Elvis just singing — no background, no nothing. I think we have given him the freedom here to experiment with all the orchestras he would have loved in the pieces."

Priscilla had a hand in picking out the songs that made the tracklisting, which were then filled out musically by the RPO. They include well-known songs like 'Burning Love' and 'Love Me Tender', as well as lesser-known tracks. One track even features Michael Bublé 'duetting' with Elvis. "Michael was so professional and such a perfectionist," she said. "Elvis loved great talent and talented people, and I know Michael would have been one of them."

You can hear the album's title track 'If I Can Dream' - originally featured on his '68 Comeback Special - below: 

Via RollingStone.com