Giorgio Moroder, at 74, is releasing his first album after a 30-year absence from the charts.

Aptly titled 74 Is The New 24, Moroder's disco credentials are winning him all sorts of praise and attention, especially on foot of his collaboration with Daft Punk for Random Access Memories.

Sia, Kylie Minogue, Charli XCX, Britney Spears, Foxes and a good few more have signed on for Moroder's album, which is due to land at some stage in the next couple of months.

Right Here, Right Now is the first collaboration track from 74 Is The New 24, as the two released previously were instrumental.

Initial thoughts? Moroder's funk and disco background work perfectly with Minogue's light and easy vocals and if this is an indicator for the rest of the album, expect it to be a summer hit.

Have a listen!