Train have been a permanant fixture on the US rock scene for twenty years now and will shortly release their seventh studio album, 'Bulletproof Picasso' - their first record since 2012's 'California 37'.

Singer Pat Monahan believes that this collection of songs is the band's most personal expression yet, saying that "I've always wanted to emotionally connect with people through the songs, but I also want to get into people's lives with this album" and that he felt that he wanted to create "everything that [he'd] wanted to". 

He continues by saying that 'Bulletproof Picasso', due to the ambitions he placed on himself, instantly became the most challening Train record to write and record.

And how exactly did they get on? Well, go grab your headphones and judge for yourself by the FREE STREAM below (with thanks to Sony Music) and the music video to their song 'Angel In Blue Eyes' above.