Anyone who was at Miley Cyrus' recent show at The O2 will know that Cyrus is a big fan of the Mercury Prize winning band alt-J. How so? Well, perhaps surprisingly to some in attendance, Cyrus soundtracked one of her intermissions with alt-J's song 'Fitzpleasure' - but apparently that appreciation goes both ways, as the Leeds band have borrowed some of Miley's vocals on their new track 'Hunger of the Pine'.

The track, which features a sample of Miley's song '4x4', is the first track made public from the band's forthcoming second record This Is All Yours, due in the middle of September. And we must admit, we like what we hear. This could well be 2014's most anticipated record and another firm indication that alt-J are at the very forefront of of today's post-rock music movement.

You'll have your chance to witness this and the rest of alt-J's new material when they play The O2 on September 27th.