There are plenty of narcissistic movie stars who aren't satisfied by their lot and insist on foisting their musical 'talent' upon the general public (yes, Russell Crowe, we mean you.)

Thankfully, Ben Stiller is not one of them - but nevertheless, the actor will have have the fruit of his high school musical endeavors re-released later this year.

Stiller was the drummer in Capital Punishment, who released their only album 'Roadkill' in 1982 - when Stiller and his bandmates were all 16/17 years old.

Now, Brooklyn-based record label Captured Tracks are preparing to re-issue a re-mastered and expanded version of the album, which Stiller says that he is 'baffled' by. He told Howard Stern: "I don't think we ever thought much about Roadkill after we got it out there, except to occasionally market it by writing 'CP' in wet sidewalk concrete.

"I'm utterly stoked and baffled by the fact that Roadkill is now being shared 33 years on with a larger audience, and I advise those of you who enjoy it to seek professional help FAST."

Hear 'Confusion',  a track from 'Roadkill', below: