For the cringe-inducing video he made for 'Hello' alone, Lionel Richie will never, ever be cool. Whether he needs the money to support his ex-wife, however, or whether he just couldn't care less, the pop lothario is still putting out new albums at regular intervals. And, believe it or not, his latest offering isn't at all bad. Clearly deciding that he's got nothing to lose, Richie tries a bit of everything, from power ballads to soul rockers - all delivered in that achingly sincere croon that used to make some women go a bit weak at the knees. Lenny Kravitz and Daniel Bedingfield put in guest appearances, the production is highly polished and, most importantly, there's plenty of decent tunes to keep things interesting. Just For You is hardly likely to revitalise Richie's career - but if these songs were covered by a boyband, they'd be instant chart-toppers for sure.