In what will likely be good news to precisely no one aside from Lil' Wayne himself, the rapper has announced that he'll be releasing two albums before this year is out - and a further seven next year. This is far too much Lil' Wayne for anyone to take, if you ask us...

With 'Tha Carter V' set for a release sometime this year, Lil' Wayne told fans on his 'Weezy Wednesdays' video series to prepare themselves for a slew of new material from him over the coming months, saying that he has a further eight albums worth of songs ready to be released.

"This year, not only will I be dropping 'Tha Carter V', but I'm dropping two albums", the rapper said. "This year, be looking for two albums from me because been out the game for a second."

Weezy went on to say that he's found himself in one of the most productive phases of his career. "I went to work on 'Tha Carter V' and I don't stop working", he continued. "So it was either 'Tha Carter V' was going to have 93 songs or we gonna have to figure this out. What we said was, we gonna drop two albums this year and then we going to probably end up dropping like seven next year."

Oh, joy. Lil' Wayne had previously said that his forthcoming record would be his last but clearly those plans have been placed on the back-burner. On the plus side, perhaps Weezy will finally get to lay down this beauty in the video below. Stunning stuff, we're sure you'll agree.

(Via NME)