The picture of Liam Gallagher with three of his children before his Rolling Stones support set last week got a fair bit of attention - mostly because it included his estranged daughter, Molly Moorish.

Many assumed that it was the first time that the father and his 20-year-old daughter had met, but according to reports, they had their first reunion several weeks ago - and things got pretty emotional, by all accounts.

The pair reportedly met at the Red Lion and Sun pub in north London a few weeks ago, with a source telling the Sunday Mirror: "Liam wanted to know all about Molly’s life – and she had a lot of questions for him."

They also said that both were in tears: "After a few hours it got very emotional. Liam shed some tears and so did Molly. It was heartbreaking in many ways, but it’s brought them together."

Molly is Gallagher's daughter with Lisa Moorish, who hit out at reports last week that she had had an 'affair' with the former Oasis frontman. "My daughter was the result of a two year relationship with her dad that began BEFORE he was married," she wrote on Instagram. "The woman he married had gone off with him. But guess what? IT WAS A LONG TIME AGO AND WE'VE ALL MOVED ON."


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