After news hitting last week that a deal had been brought to the Gallagher brothers, Liam has now addressed the speculation of an Oasis reunion. 

MCD are looking to reunite the brothers for Slane Castle 2020, which would see Oasis back together for the first time since they parted ways in 2009. It would be major news if this were to actually happen, and Slane Castle would be the ultimate location, since the brothers have played there twice previously. 

Fans have been speculating ever since, and one keen fan has tweeted Liam asking if any deal is currently on the table. Liam responded, "No deal no table but like I've said bfore I'm ready to go":

Clearly, there's been no deal offered to Liam yet, so the ball might be in Noel's court for now. 

Liam's brother Noel was previously reported saying that he would do one more Oasis gig for "20 million quid" - adding to the speculation that this is the amount MCD has offered the feuding brothers. 

We'll report on news of Slane 2020 as the story continues.