On the third night of Foo Fighters' week-long residency on the Late Show, David Letterman describes how the song Foo Fighters are about to play soundtracked a beautiful father/son moment in his life.

Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters have been special guests on David Letterman's CBS talk show all this week in the lead-in to Grohl's HBO documentary series 'Sonic Highways' (and next month's new album of the same name), first playing a Black Sabbath cover and then a song by Heart (alongside Nancy & Ann Wilson) but last night's performance was obviously at the request of the show's host.

As Dave describes himself in the video, he came relatively late to fatherhood and as a 60-year-old man with a 4-year-old son and was searching for an activity that they could do together. Somehow, he came up with skiing. The reasoning being that he had never done it, nor had his son, so they would be starting off in an equally disadvantageous position.

Long story short, a home video shot by Letterman's instructor had a Foo Fighters song called 'Miracle' as its soundtrack and that song came to have special meaning to him - and he asked Grohl to learn it for him. The results are amazing.

(via Late Show with David Letterman)