Another chillout band may seem like the last thing the music scene needs right now, but Lemon Jelly at least bring a spirit of adventure to what's become a rather soporific party. Rather than simply taking a few dance tunes and squeezing the life out of them, this London-based duo employ Playschool pianos, acoustic guitars and sprightly beats to create laid-back instrumentals guaranteed to sooth even the most restless of souls. If that was all there was to it, though, there would be little reason to single them out from a host of other young pretenders out there scrabbling for attention. What really marks Lemon Jelly as exciting new talents is their quirky sense of humour, which they use to brighten up their sound with skilful use of nursery rhymes, brass bands and offbeat samples. Elsewhere on this delightfully child-like album, they show themselves to be jacks of all trades by turning their hand to country funk, percussive jazz and ambient house. A very tasty package indeed