James Murphy has certainly been keeping himself busy since folding one of the most popular electronic acts of all time, LCD Soundsystem. Never that far away from a strange project or two (he's scored movies, performed at music festivals on ships, produced a mix for NIKE aimed at runners and loads more) but his newest project might just be the oddest yet.

Murphy has confirmed that he's working with IBM to translate the natural rhythms on display at the US Open in New York over the past couple of weeks into music.

Alongside developer Patrick Gunderson, Murphy is working on an algorithm which automatically confirms each serve, volley, ace and lob into a musical signature, all of which will be fused together by the computer to create the first truly organic soundtrack to the major sporting event.

As you can hear from what has been created so far, to describe it as slightly unconventional wouldn't be unfair. In fact, Murphy himself is the first to say that he's not creating music here, he's "generating possibilities for music".

He will though remix the sounds now that the tournament is over and that should be something very much worth waiting for.

(via endagadget)