She was supposed to make her Glastonbury debut back in 2005, but a breast cancer diagnosis scuppered Kylie Minogue's planned debut at the world's most famous music festival.

However, it looks like she'll make amends in 2019 as reports suggest that the Aussie pop queen has been confirmed for next summer's festival.

Minogue will play the Sunday afternoon 'legend' slot, according to The Sun, which leaves us scratching our heads about why the hell she's not headlining.

She had previously spoken about her desire to return to the festival, saying: “When I was supposed to do it I think I would have been the first solo female to headline in however many years it was, so I was really proud of that at that time. Obviously it didn’t happen. So yes, it would be amazing and very emotional to be standing there and doing what I didn’t get to do all those years ago, for sure.”

Although she has technically played at Glasto in the past - joining the Scissor Sisters on stage in 2010 - she has not played her own solo set. In any case, festival-goers are in for a stellar set of hits; who knows, she may even team up with Jason Donovan again, as she did recently...