To be fair to Kylie Minogue, there's precious few singers who would so fully embrace their cheesy '90s era as fully as she has and there's no denying that 'Especially For You' is grade-A, full-fat cheesy goodness.

The singer was playing Hyde Park over the weekend as part of BBC Radio's 2 Live At Hyde Park series and belted out the 1989 radio hit, only to be joined by Jason Donovan himself right at the end. Although the two didn't sing together for very long, the two did a quick dance number that really just seemed to delight everyone in the process.

Take a look.

Donovan claimed on Twitter afterwards that he literally cycled over just to support his friend Kylie Minogue, and then ended up on stage doing the same moves he'd done from the original music video back in the day. He's still got it because, let's be honest, it's a cracker of a tune and it's not something you'd forget.

Apologies in advance for getting it stuck in your head all day.