The Kings of Leon hail from Nashville, but nice country boys they ain't. Raised by an itinerant preacher, they grew up the hard way - which probably explains why ever since the phenomenal success of their debut album, the Followills have embraced the rock'n'roll lifestyle just as joyfully as their heroes the Rolling Stones. In fact, three of the four seem to have only just lost their virginity during the making of this scintillating follow-up, resulting in a string of frankly filthy songs about the er, ins and outs of casual sex. It's fairly sordid stuff, the only redeeming feature being that brother Caleb's vocals are so guttural, you can barely make out the lyrics. Far better to concentrate on the music, which blends New Wave Strokes riffs, Joy Division basslines and Southern boogie into a thrillingly potent concoction. An album to put hairs on your chest.