The Killers have been on an 'extended break' since the touring cycle for their 2012 album 'Battle Born' wound down  - and it looks like their frontman Brandon Flowers is taking the opportunity to release some more solo material.

Flowers made his solo debut with 2010's 'Flamingo', but will release its follow-up this year and posted a teaser trailer featuring musical snippets on YouTube at the weekend.

He's working with talented producer Ariel Rechtstaid on the album. Rechtstaid has previously produced work by the likes of Vampire Weekend, Charli XCX, Haim, Usher and even Justin Bieber.

"It's nice to steer the ship and that's what you'd think I’d do on my own album, but I'm letting Ariel take over every now and then," Flowers recently told NME. "That's led to some really exciting things and sounds I would never have used."

Watch the clip, titled 'Keys', below...