Kelis may not be the biggest star on the R&B scene - yet - but she's certainly one of its most interesting personalities. The Harlem diva shouted her way to fame on her debut single 'Caught Out There', with its memorable refrain 'I hate you so much right now!', signalling right from the start that she wasn't going to be anyone's doormat. Tasty continues this theme - it's a sassy, self-confident collection of steamy soul that's easily her most consistent album to date. Her regular collaborators The Neptunes are on hand to provide the musical backing to Kelis's husky croon, helped out by such rapping luminaries Dallas Austin, Outkast's Andre 3000 and Raphael Saadiq. Meanwhile, fiance Nas makes himself useful by duetting on the uncomfortably explicit 'In Public'. A very welcome return to form from this most unconventional of performers, and a late contender for R&B album of the year.