Someone needs to take the computer away from Kanye West.

The rapper famously made alterations to his most recent album The Life of Pablo after it was released on streaming site TIDAL, which essentially meant that there were several versions of the album floating around with different arrangements, lyrics and tracklistings.

Now, over two months after it was released, West has yet again tinkered with the version of the album on Apple Music  - most notably to his vocals on the opening line of 'Black Skinhead' and to the music on 'Send It Up'.

Speaking of TIDAL, he has also run into a spot of bother with the fact that he claimed the album was a TIDAL exclusive upon release (it is now, of course, available on several streaming sites). 

A lawsuit filed in California by a fan alleges that West basically tricked millions of fans into signing up for TIDAL because they thought it was the only way to hear the album. Justin Baker-Rhett wants TIDAL to delete the data of users that signed up to TIDAL to hear The Life of Pablo, arguing that the subscribers and their information could be worth up to $84 million for the Jay Z-owned company.

His lawyer said: "Mr. Baker-Rhett believes that superstars are required to follow the same rules as everyone else. Even if their streaming service is struggling, they can't trick millions of people into paying money (and giving up personal information) just to boost valuation numbers."


Via Pitchfork