We really hope that Kanye doesn't make any more headlines this week, because it's only Tuesday and we're already sick of hearing from him. 

Just in case you missed all of this, here's a quick rundown of everything West has done in the past few days.

First, he announced that he was changing his name to Ye (we wonder how long that'll last); after this, it was announced that he was to replace Ariana Grande last minute on 'Saturday Night Live', where he performed no less than three songs on the night, and made cast and audience members uncomfortable by going on a rant about his dear friend Trump; then yesterday, he tweeted that America should "abolish the 13th amendment", later correcting himself by saying "amend". 

Many, many Americans have hit back at West for his tweets, including actor Chris Evans and singer Lana Del Rey.

West is now making fresh headlines by announcing details on his new album. Wife Kim Kardashian has announced that West's new album 'Yandhi' is delayed until Black Friday, 23rd November. She said "TRUST ME it is worth the wait", followed by a heap of emojis:

It will be interesting to see is West sticks to this release date, considering he previously stated on the Friday before performing on 'SNL' that he would be releasing the album that Saturday night, saying "we're releasing Yandhi Saturday night. We know it will come in number 2 to my brother Lil Wayne and that's lovely. The universe needs Ye and Wayne music at the same time". 

'Yandhi' is to be West's ninth studio album, whenever/if it does actually release.