It's fair to say that there was quite a bit of publicity in the lead-up to the release of Kanye West's new album 'The Life of Pablo'.

When we say 'release', we mean 'that day last weekend when he put it on TIDAL, encouraged people to sign up to TIDAL and download the app, then decided to pull it the next day so that he could 'fix' one of the tracks.' This was after he had announced it would also be available on Apple Music, before reversing that decision, too.

Well, it seems that the rapper's big talking has backfired somewhat, and his decision-making process around its release may not have been as sound as he thought.

It's been revealed that as of yesterday, 'The Life of Pablo' has reportedly been pirated an estimated half a million times, according to Torrent Freak - largely because of its limited availability.

To combat those huge numbers, he finally relented in the early hours of this morning by putting the album up to stream on his official site, where you can hear it now.

It's still not available on Spotify at time of writing, though...

Looks like he might need a lend of a few bob from Mark Zuckerberg, after all.